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Air Conditioners - no matter what the brand have LOTS of parts to deal with.  Depending on the brand of air conditioner - you may need the following when repairing your air conditioning unit.  
  • Air Conditioner Belts / Motors / Pulleys and Motor Coupling
  • Blower Fans and Blower Wheels
  • Air Conditioner Brackets and Flanges
  • Buckets / Water Containers / Trays / Bowls
  • Capacitors
  • Air Conditioner Circuit Boards and Timers
  • Compressor Components
  • Cover / Wave Guide / Grease Shield
  • Curtain / Window Filler
  • Defrost Components / Thermostat
  • Door & Handle Components
  • Drip Bowl / Drip Pan
  • Drum Seal / Gasket / Bearing
  • Duct / Vent
  • Filter
  • Gasket / Seal / O ring
  • Grate / Burner Grate
  • Grill / Guard / Kick Plate
  • Heating Element
  • Hose / Drain
  • Knob / Button / Dial
  • Leveling Leg / Caster
  • Light Bulb / Lens
    Nuts / Bolts / Washers / Screws / Clips
  • Paint (Touch Up)
  • Panel
  • Repair Manual
  • Retainer Clip
  • Sensor
  • Shelf (Interior) / Shelf Components
  • Spring
  • Surface Element / Burner / Eyes
  • Switch
  • Terminal Block
  • Thermostat / Thermal Fuse
  • Tool
  • Touchpad
  • Trim
  • Tub Spring / Shock / Strap / Pad
  • Tube / Water Supply Tube
  • Water Valve / Float
Any of the above are all parts of your air conditioner that can break and need to be replaced.  

Unfortunately, the air conditioner never breaks in the middle of winter (or at least you won't notice it).  It seems that it always malfunctions on the hottest day of the year,It is surprising to know that the air conditioner was invented in the early 1900's.  Many of us in southern states couldn't imagine life without air conditioners.  Regardless if your family uses your air conditioner to keep you cool on morbidly hot summer days or simply help ventilate your home to lower the incidence of viruses and other air-borne illnesses, when it is broken you want your air conditioner fixed super fast and we think that you can fix it yourself.  It's not that hard! At Appliance Life we offer a full selection of air conditioner parts for most major appliance brands like Amana, Frigidaire and others.  Whether you're looking for a compressor and evaporator, or you simply just need a new knob, Appliance Life (an affiliate of Repair Clinic) has the parts for you. Simply locate your air conditioner's model number on the top of this page.  Appliance Life only stocks factory authorized air conditioner parts so regardless the brand name, you can feel confident you're getting quality appliance parts for your air conditioner. Order your parts today! Air Conditioner Maintenance: Change your filters regularly and use pleated filters. Once a year get your air-conditioners professionally serviced. At that time make sure coils are clean, the condensate drains properly and that the drain pan has no mold.

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Amana Air Conditioner Parts 
Frigidaire Air Conditioner Parts 
GE Air Conditioner Parts 
Hotpoint Air Conditioner Parts 
Jenn-Air Air Conditioner Parts 
Kenmore Air Conditioner Parts 
KitchenAid Air Conditioner Parts 
Magic Chef Air Conditioner Parts 
Maytag Air Conditioner Parts 
Whirlpool Air Conditioner Parts 

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Tips to make sure that your air conditioner is not a breeding ground for mold.

Use  cleaning product like Safe Shield or Molderizer to eliminate mold.

Always set the fan mode switch of your air conditioner thermostat in the AUTO position, never in the ON position. When set to the ON position the blower fan runs continuously and the moisture which has condensed on your air conditioner's evaporator coil during cooling is re-evaporated and blown back into your home before it can drain off the coil and out of your home. This  increases the possibility of mold.

Set the summertime thermostat to the highest temperature that is comfortable for you. A temperature of 78 F or greater is recommended. Never lower the thermostat temperature in an attempt to control humidity in your home this will not work.

  • Types of Air Conditioners that may need repairing

    • Window/Wall Air Conditioners

    • Through the Wall Sleeve Air Conditioners

    • Heat & Cool Air Conditioners

    • Slider Casement Air Conditioners

    • Mini Split Air Conditioner PTAC Units

    • Portable Air Conditioners Dehumidifiers

    • Commercial Portable Air Conditioners

    • Air Purifiers 

 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Condensing coils

The condensing coils on an air conditioner will get very dirty over time. However, the dirt tends to accumulate on the inside of the coils, out of sight. It will be necessary to remove the entire cover of the air conditioner to gain access to the coils. They can be cleaned by blowing compressed air through them or by using a soft bristle brush to wipe the dirt off. It is important to also clean any dirt or lint build-up in the bottom of the air conditioner so the condensate water will be picked up by the condensing fan slinger properly.Pictures


Air conditioners are outfitted with a filter in the front grill area to filter the air that passes through them. If your unit has a filter you should replace/clean it once a month during the cooling season.

Frost on coils

If the outdoor temperature becomes too cool, approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, check the coils on the front of the air conditioner to be sure they are not icing up. If ice has accumulated, turn the air conditioner off until the temperature rises. This usually is caused from running the air conditioner overnight.

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