Brrrrr… It’s Cold Out There – Grab a few Logs and Start a Fire

But make sure that they are Eco-Friendly and good for our environment!  Enviro-Logs work in ANY wood burning appliance.

Because of the unique differences that Enviro-Log Logs have from the traditional wax-sawdust firelogs, many people like to buy Enviro-Logs rather than other manufactured firelogs.

Being made of 100% recycled materials, Enviro-Log Firelogs are an excellent log solution for people looking for Natural and / or Organic lifestyles.

Together, we can all protect the environment for future generations by reducing our demand on landfills.

Some key findings of OMNI’s testing of Enviro-Log firelogs include:

  • The latest Enviro-Log firelog formula was found to be substantially improved over its original wax box firelog formula in terms of air emissions when following the manufacturer’s recommended lighting instructions.
  • Enviro-Log firelogs were found to have 87 percent less total particulate matter (PM) emissions, on a grams pollutant per hour of stove operation basis, than firewood in an EPA certified non-catalytic woodstove.
  • Enviro-Log firelogs have been tested for safety in fireplaces and wood heaters per portions of American National Standard Institute (ANSI)/ Underwriters Laboratories (UL®), and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC®) standards.
  • Enviro-Log firelogs have 70-80 percent less total particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide emissions (on a grams pollutant per event basis) than cordwood (oak or fir) burned in manufactured fireplaces and EPA certified woodstoves.
  • Enviro-Log firelogs produce up to 33 percent less greenhouse gases than typical cordwood (oak or fir).
  • Enviro-Log firelogs produce 87 percent less creosote in a fireplace than oak cordwood (grams per typical fire basis).
  • Enviro-Log firelogs have more than 50 percent energy content per pound and lower moisture content than typical cordwood (oak or fir).

Enviro-Log Firelogs are made from recycled waxed cardboard boxes that are used to transport food. Everything about these boxes is Food Grade. The wax that covers them is the highest grade wax available so that it is safe for fresh food to be packed in them. There are no additional petroleum products or binders in the firelogs.

Check your Furnace Filter before Fall and Winter Hits!

As the cooler air starts to move into many areas of the United States, it’s time to check your furnace filter before it’s too late.

A furnace filter is a removable filter that fits in the furnace unit between the location of air intake and the motor, fan, and heating coil. The furnace filter i sdesigned to protect the motor and internal components from airborne particles and dust that may damage the furnace. Manufacturers use a standard fiberglass furnace filter in most cases.  A furnace filter can serve other purposes, too.

In addition to protecting the motor from dust and particles that may otherwise pass through it, a furnace filter can improve the airflow and efficiency of the furnace.

Without a furnace filter, the system would become clogged with dust, causing the motor to work harder until it eventually overheated and quit working.

 Generally speaking, this is the sole purpose of the standard fiberglass furnace filter.

These filters are inexpensive and require replacement at least every three months to work efficiently.

Most furnace filters are disposable, though some are designed to be washed and reused. When selecting a furnace filter for your home, you first need to know the size of filter your furnace takes.