Amatuer Tips for Fixing your Garbage Disposal

If there is any appliance that I consider myself an amateur expert on fixing, it is the kitchen garbage disposer.
Mine gets stuck, stinks up the kitchen and leaks more than anyone else’s – I am sure of it!

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If the disposal runs but backs-up into the sink, a plunger may clear the blocked pipes.

  1. First block the opening to the other sink (if you have a double sink).
  2. If the plunger alone won’t clear the blocked pipe, remove the U-trap under the sink. Make sure that before removing, you place a bucket or pan underneath the U-trap. This part can get messy and stinky.

If you have overworked your garbage disposal, it may cause the motor to stall.

The disposal will automatically turn itself off to keep from frying. Most units have a reset button on the side or the bottom of the unit that will pop out when the system stalls. AFTER you have determined the problem and fixed it, press the reset button.

Commonly, something may be lodged in the blades of the garbage disposal. Before trying to unjam the disposal, unplug the unit. I can’t emphasize enough to unplug the unit. Using a flashlight, take a peek into the disposal before sticking anything in there and never, never stick your hand in there. Use a pair of pliers (needle nose are the best).

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When you free the lodged piece of crap, restore the power and push the reset button again to restart the machine.

If the above doesn’t work, then chances are .. you may need a professional!