An Automatic Mop? – the Hardwood Floor Wet/Dry Mop

The Autonomous Hardwood Floor Wet/Dry Mop.
The Autonomous Hardwood Floor Wet/Dry Mop.

Similar to the automatic vacuums that we have all heard about, this robotic wet or dry mop navigates autonomously through a room and methodically cleans unsealed hardwood floors.

The robotic cleaner uses widely available dry electrostatic or premoistened cloths that attach to the bottom of the robot and collect dust, dirt, and hair as the device courses linearly through a room or moves back-and-forth in a traditional mopping motion.

Similar to GPS, the included palm-sized terrestrial satellite sets up on a table or countertop and emits a signal that systematically guides the robotic cleaner through the room until it’s covered the entire space.

The Autonomous Hardwood Floor Wet/Dry Mop comes with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee at no additional charge. If this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return it for exchange, credit, or refund.

On-board sensors ensure the device avoids furniture, area rugs, and stairs and its rectangular cleaning head reaches into corners, along baseboards, and under furniture to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas.

The device cleans for up to three hours and covers up to 1,000′ sq. as a dry sweeper; two hours and 250′ sq. as a wet mop.

Recharges via AC adapter (included) in 12 hours.

Satellite uses two C batteries (included).

Includes three machine washable cloths.

9 2/3″ D x 8 1/2″ W x 3″ H. (4 lbs.)

Pop Up Garden Tidy for Late Fall Cleanup

It’s that time of year across the United States – Halloween “emotionally” marks the beginning of winter months and time to clean up the leaves and finish up fall outdoor chores.

We found a useful and interesting product that can help make your cleanup easier.

The incredible Pop-Up Tidy Garden Bag compresses down to about 2 inches thick, but springs open to a fully self-supporting, stand-up bag. Made of a heavy duty water-resistant canvas material, the Pop-up Tidy Garden Bag can handle yard clippings, twigs, and leaves outdoors, but easily compresses down like an accordion for easy, out of the way storage.

Works great to store toys or as a laundry bag, too. When not in use, fold it down and store it under a couch, bed or in a closet. Big strong handles, including one on the lower side make it easy to carry, handle and dump!

Collect grass cuttings, weeds and other garden waste with this large great value, multi-purpose, pop-up Garden Tidy Bag.

Excellent yard item!

Price That Tool – (Foe or Friend?)

A new website has emerged and the jury is still out. Is a competitor to Appliance Life or a complementary website that will serve as a partner or friend over the years?

Price That Tool is a tool, hardware and part price comparison engine with over 1/2 million tools, parts and handyman necessities stored in it’s “fancy pants” database.  The online shopping application uses “artificial intelligence” to match like products from multiple online retailers to magically determine the lowest price on the web for a particular part, tool or construction product.

For example, take a look at the Hitachi Variable Speed Jig Saw.  A great tool for us DIYselfers, and you can find it at a great price at ……..  (well we won’t give it away, go ahead and click through to see for yourself).

Or the Milwaukee Cordless Inspection Tool -  $30 difference in price at different online stores.  Not sure about you, but I can find alot to do with an extra $30.

ApplianceLife loves the idea and stay tuned …….  we might just think about copying the idea and helping you save big on Appliance Parts soon!

Extend the life of your household appliances with the right parts and NOW .. the right Tools at the right Price!