Pop Up Garden Tidy for Late Fall Cleanup

It’s that time of year across the United States – Halloween “emotionally” marks the beginning of winter months and time to clean up the leaves and finish up fall outdoor chores.

We found a useful and interesting product that can help make your cleanup easier.

The incredible Pop-Up Tidy Garden Bag compresses down to about 2 inches thick, but springs open to a fully self-supporting, stand-up bag. Made of a heavy duty water-resistant canvas material, the Pop-up Tidy Garden Bag can handle yard clippings, twigs, and leaves outdoors, but easily compresses down like an accordion for easy, out of the way storage.

Works great to store toys or as a laundry bag, too. When not in use, fold it down and store it under a couch, bed or in a closet. Big strong handles, including one on the lower side make it easy to carry, handle and dump!

Collect grass cuttings, weeds and other garden waste with this large great value, multi-purpose, pop-up Garden Tidy Bag.

Excellent yard item!