Don’t Buy that Appliance until you’ve TRIED to fix the old one

It happened again!

An appliance broke in our house and we were tempted to run over to Amazon and purchase a new one. (it’s always exciting to get a new toy, right?)

But we stopped, took a deep breath and searched to see if we could fix it and not fork out the big dough to purchase another one.

Well, it was the coffee pot – I know not exactly the most expensive appliance in the house – but still it was a nice one.

Turns out, we didn’t even have to purchase a new part!  The type of coffee pot that we had – had the tendency to get the pot top clogged with coffee grind if not cleaned periodically.  We had never had to clean it before, but I had overflowed it recently and must have gotten some grind caught in the top.

So there – when an appliance breaks, don’t forget to stop by for tips and parts to extend the life of your appliances! (even Coffee pots!)