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Happy Thanksgiving to all of the wonderful people that read our blog and visit our site.

Thank you Lord for the wonderful world that you have given us to enjoy.

  • Our homes and farms and families.
  • Our pets and animals.
  • Our health and happiness.

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Pop Up Garden Tidy for Late Fall Cleanup

It’s that time of year across the United States – Halloween “emotionally” marks the beginning of winter months and time to clean up the leaves and finish up fall outdoor chores.

We found a useful and interesting product that can help make your cleanup easier.

The incredible Pop-Up Tidy Garden Bag compresses down to about 2 inches thick, but springs open to a fully self-supporting, stand-up bag. Made of a heavy duty water-resistant canvas material, the Pop-up Tidy Garden Bag can handle yard clippings, twigs, and leaves outdoors, but easily compresses down like an accordion for easy, out of the way storage.

Works great to store toys or as a laundry bag, too. When not in use, fold it down and store it under a couch, bed or in a closet. Big strong handles, including one on the lower side make it easy to carry, handle and dump!

Collect grass cuttings, weeds and other garden waste with this large great value, multi-purpose, pop-up Garden Tidy Bag.

Excellent yard item!

Review It, Rate It and Win – GregRobert Pet Sweepstakes

A little off subject from appliances, but I wanted to let everyone know about a FREE pet supply sweepstake that started this morning.  It’s a fast and easy way to win pet supplies.

Review-and-Win Sweepstakes at GregRobert Pet Supplies

Write a review of any pet product on GRpet.com, enter your email (to become a verified reviewer and allow them to contact you), and WHALA!, you are entered to win quarterly drawings of free pet products! Not to mention you get a coupon good for $10 off when your review is approved. (cart minimum required)

This Quarter’s Giveaway
This quarter’s giveaways are K and H Heated Beds.  WIN quality heated cat beds and quality heated dog beds.

To write a review
Visit the pet supply product page for which you’d like to write a review. Once there, click on “Reviews” tab in the middle of the product details and follow directions. Make sure to enter your email address so they can notify you if you win and ensure that you promptly get your coupon.

Why does GregRobert Pet Supplies want product reviews?

First and foremost – GRpet.com wants customers to be happy with their purchase – so they want them to have access to honest evaluations of the products that they sell.  Your opinion counts!

The more descriptive and accurate your review is, the more it will help other shoppers like you.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes, the more reviews you create – the more chances you have at the prizes.  Enter as many reviews as you wish as long as you can honestly appraise the products you are reviewing.

For OFFICIAL RULES, click here.

Check your Furnace Filter before Fall and Winter Hits!

As the cooler air starts to move into many areas of the United States, it’s time to check your furnace filter before it’s too late.

A furnace filter is a removable filter that fits in the furnace unit between the location of air intake and the motor, fan, and heating coil. The furnace filter i sdesigned to protect the motor and internal components from airborne particles and dust that may damage the furnace. Manufacturers use a standard fiberglass furnace filter in most cases.  A furnace filter can serve other purposes, too.

In addition to protecting the motor from dust and particles that may otherwise pass through it, a furnace filter can improve the airflow and efficiency of the furnace.

Without a furnace filter, the system would become clogged with dust, causing the motor to work harder until it eventually overheated and quit working.

 Generally speaking, this is the sole purpose of the standard fiberglass furnace filter.

These filters are inexpensive and require replacement at least every three months to work efficiently.

Most furnace filters are disposable, though some are designed to be washed and reused. When selecting a furnace filter for your home, you first need to know the size of filter your furnace takes.

Six tips to keep your appliances operating efficiently

Mid-summer task list will get your appliances in tip top shape as you prepare for the busy fall season.

  1. Improve refrigerator efficiency. Clean refrigerator condenser coils with a condenser cleaning brush and your vacuum cleaner to clear dust and lint off the coils underneath (or behind) your self-defrosting refrigerator. We recommend using a condenser cleaning brush to make this job easier. 
  2. Keep your garbage disposer smelling fresh and running smoothly. Clean and deodorize it with a special garbage disposer cleaning agent.
  3. Help keep your dryer free of lint; prevent dryer lint fires and reduce drying time for your clothes. Clear your dryer exhaust vent with a dryer vent brush — a flexible brush that can reach around corners and dislodge lint trapped in the vent.
  4. Prevent washing machine floods. Inspect the water fill hoses to your washing machine and replace them if you see blisters, cracks, or if the hoses are more than five years old. Consider upgrading to hoses with metal sheathing; they are much less likely to burst.
  5. Keep water and ice cubes tasting fresh and clean. Change your refrigerator or ice maker water filters.
  6. Clean the lime, scale and soap scum buildup inside your dishwasher using a special detergent that also removes discoloration due to iron and other water impurities.

The Best Prices on Humidifier Filters – All Brands

For some people, a humidifier is an absolute necessity.  With the cost of humidifier replacement filters, it can become an expensive ordeal.

Indoor heating tends to lower the humidity that people need in order to be comfortable, especially when they sleep. This is especially aggravating if you or someone in your home has allergies. 

Low humidity can cause your skin to dry out as well as the mucous membranes in your nose – causing nose bleeds for some people.  To stay healthy, many doctors remommend a  humidifier to keep the level of humidity in the air at a certain level. Humidifiers can definitely make sleeping a lot more tolerable.

One of our favorite whole-house humidifiers is the Essick Air CredenzaFind the lowest online price for the Essick Air Credenza Humidifier by clicking here.  It has a beautiful cherry cabinet and looks like a piece of furniture or display stand in your home.

Pictured to the right is a cute pig styled humidifier to use in a child’s room.  Safe and adorable, this is a perfect baby shower gift too!

Adding a Backguard to your Range can save your sanity.

There is nothing worse than having to clean an overflowing pot of spaghetti that has splattered on the walls behind your range and seaped into the crevice between the wall and the range.  That is why most ranges come equip with a backguard.

If your range was not installed with a backguard, you can still purchase a backguard and install on your range.  Here are a number of backguard’s available on the market today:

Installing a range backguard is actually fairly simple and manufacturers give explicit directions that are easy to follow. 

Another option, but more expensive than a backguard is to install mosaic tiles along the wall behind your range. Creating a beautiful and original design can save your walls and create a conversation piece in your kitchen.

A backguard is a necessity when you have children or teens using the range and can actually add beauty to your kitchen.

Help – there is no water getting to my Icemaker!

If your icemaker is not getting water, it is most likely your icemaker’s water inlet valve

The first thing you should know is that Kenmore ice makers are made by Whirlpool, which supplies ice makers for most refrigerator companies.  So when looking for a water inlet valve for a Kenmore – note that many of them are labeled Whirlpool.

The water inlet valve is the controlling device that allows water to enter the ice maker.

It is energized during the last 5-8 seconds of the harvest cycle. (the harvest cycle is the dispensing cycle) During this 5 to 8 second period, there should be 110v across the two wires connected to the valve .

If there is power supplied to the valve and the valve does not open to allow water to flow, the valve is defective.

However, if power is being supplied to the valve and water will flow through it freely, it could be that the water supply line or inlet tube have frozen solid.  These lines can be thawed with warm water or a hair dryer.

Itsa’ Launching – The Appliance Life Price Comparison

We’ve been busy “worker” bees over here at Appliance Life and we are excited to announce our newest glory:  The Appliance Price Comparison engine.

We admit that it is still beta – but we’d like our loyal customers to give it a whirl and send us feedback as we “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”.  As of today (St. Pat’s Day) – we have 14 participating retailers including big-names like Sears and AJ Madison!

The comparison shopping site was originally slated to compare pries on appliance parts, but we received many requests to use our expert technology and appliance knowledge to include new appliances also.   It’s a pretty simple concept – to match up like products from online retailers to allow a visitor to quickly compare prices and purchase from the retailer with the lowest price.

More on our new engine as we add new features and fine tune the accuracy – but until next time – enjoy your green beer and give our new Appliance Comparison Price Search Engine a whirl!

Pictured to the upper right – Woods Oil Resistant Appliance Extention cord at BackyardStyle.com.

Price That Tool – (Foe or Friend?)

A new website has emerged and the jury is still out. Is www.PriceThatTool.com a competitor to Appliance Life or a complementary website that will serve as a partner or friend over the years?

Price That Tool is a tool, hardware and part price comparison engine with over 1/2 million tools, parts and handyman necessities stored in it’s “fancy pants” database.  The online shopping application uses “artificial intelligence” to match like products from multiple online retailers to magically determine the lowest price on the web for a particular part, tool or construction product.

For example, take a look at the Hitachi Variable Speed Jig Saw.  A great tool for us DIYselfers, and you can find it at a great price at ……..  (well we won’t give it away, go ahead and click through to see for yourself).

Or the Milwaukee Cordless Inspection Tool -  $30 difference in price at different online stores.  Not sure about you, but I can find alot to do with an extra $30.

ApplianceLife loves the www.PriceThatTool.com idea and stay tuned …….  we might just think about copying the idea and helping you save big on Appliance Parts soon!

Extend the life of your household appliances with the right parts and NOW .. the right Tools at the right Price!