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How your humidifier works

Humidifiers come in many shapes and sizes, from portable units to consoles. They all do the same thing: They put moisture in the air. They do it in one of five ways.

  • Evaporation: Evaporative humidifiers need sanitation  on the pads (or replacement) often.
  • Humidifier Parts
  • Steam: Sometimes called vaporizers instead of humidifiers - they boil the water.
  • Warm mist: These units boil water just like steam vaporizers but the steam is cooled before release.
  • Cool mist: These humidifiers break up water into tiny droplets and spray a cool mist into the air. They require sanitization on a continuing basis. 
  • Ultrasonic: Humidifiers that use high-frequency vibrations to break up water droplets into an extremely fine mist. Sensitive people may get allergic reactions from this type of humidifier. 
Bacteria often grows in humidifiers which are equipped with tanks containing standing water, this is why it is important to replace the water regularly. 

Humidifier Parts by Brand

Choose your brand to find your parts  Remember that the humidity levels of your house need to be within the 30-50% humidity bracket. Regulate your humidity with your humidifier's built in humidity meter or by a hygrometer from any hardware store or Allergy Buyers Club.Find the proper humidifier appliance replacement part at Appliance Life.

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